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How does it work?

Just connect your Kindle to your Computer via USB and click the above button. Then browse files of your Kindle and select the file

/documents/My Clippings.txt

After upload you are able to access all functions.

What are the principal features?
  • load English or German
    "My Clippings.txt"
  • convert to Excel (csv), Evernote and HTML
  • collect and sort clippings in mutliple folders
  • add keywords, tags to clippings
  • perform highly customizeable select and search
  • keep your data online by creating a free account
  • edit notes or add new notes to the Kindle Highlights
  • upload and merge multiple lists
  • add new books and notes independent from Kindle
  • HTML output looks good in print
  • import HTML into Word or OpenOffice and save as PDF
  • no need to install anything but do all online
Who can have a gain?

Everybody who has a need to organize his lot of highlights and notes, get them converted, search, print and sort them.

Everybody who wants to have all his clippings available on any of his computers without copying them.

Recommended applications?
  • gather material
  • study texts
  • prepare exams
  • structure scientific work
  • collect quotations
  • promote literary criticism
  • facilitate text corrections and notes for teachers